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I love living in Savannah and I know you will, too — even if only for a few short days.  While enjoying one of the beautiful homes I offer, you will glimpse why Savannahians know they are lucky to live in this charming, vibrant community.


True, you will see trolleys full of tourists but, if you stroll around at 5:15 pm, you may very well see your neighbors hosting impromptu cocktail parties or greeting each other in the magnificent squares while walking their dogs after work.

JW Management is Janet Wagner

Why do Southern ladies always put on lipstick before going out? Because we always run into a friend — even one we just met that day. It is the South and hospitality reigns supreme. Feel free to fall into conversation with a friendly stranger and both your days will be the happier for it. It can happen in Savannah!


Who knows? You may decide to buy your own place to escape from gray skies and urban chaos. And if you do, please talk to me about sharing your new retreat with future friends also seeking the beauty that is Savannah and the friendly faces that await. 


                                     See you soon,




PS: All reservations made through Airbnb and Vrbo.

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